First Impressions of MTG Dominaria United Standard

I had the privilege to play in the Dominaria United Early Access Event and today, I’ll share my first impressions of Standard. How did the new cards perform? What was the standout deck? Which cards fell through? These are just some of questions I’ll address, and of course, lots of deck lists are included! Shoutout to Wizards of the Coast for providing me and the many other content creators with this cool opportunity.

In advance, I should say, that all the impressions I garnered in the last 24 hours playing with the new cards took place in Best-of-One against other content creators. We all played the format for the first time, I made numerous mistakes, mostly coming from not having read a card clearly, and I assume my opponent’s misplayed here and there as well. All I’m saying is, that the data I is not to be taken too seriously – these are just my early impressions. 



Header - Esper Midrange

First up, I tried an updated version of Esper Midrange, essentially taking the previous Standard Esper list and replacing the missing cards with new ones. The Dominaria United cards I added were Liliana of the Veil, The Raven Man, Ertai Resurrected and Cut Down

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