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Luis Scott-Vargas
Luis is one of the most accomplished players in Magic: the Gathering history. His resume includes eight PT top 8s with a win at Berlin in 2008, fifteen GP Top 8s with five wins, and a Hall of Fame induction in 2013. He can often be found playing Vintage in between competitions and loves any format where Force of Will is legal.
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Tord Reklev
Tord Reklev is a longtime competitor from Norway, playing since he was six years old. He is known for being the only Masters Division player to win three Internationals - he also recently made the Top 4 at the World Championships. Outside of Pokemon, he enjoys playing tennis and Hearthstone.
William "Huey" Jensen
"Magic is either directly or indirectly responsible for almost everything that has happened to me in my life. Nearly all of my friends are a result of my time spent playing Magic. Nothing other than my parents has shaped me more as a human being than Magic."
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Azul Garcia Griego
With 18 cash era Top 8's and a handful of wins, Garcia Griego is one of the world's best and continues to perform at a high level.
Reid Duke
Reid Duke burst onto the competitive scene in 2011 by winning the Magic Online Championship at Worlds, and has since grown to become one of the most widely respected players in Magic. He has three Pro Tour Top 8s, a runner-up finish at the 2013 World Championships, and five Grand Prix wins to his name.
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Stéphane Ivanoff
Stéphane Ivanoff is the back-to-back winner of the North America International Championships in 2018 and 2019, and was ranked first in Europe for the last two seasons.


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