Standard Esper Midrange – Deck Guide Update

Esper Midrange was the most played deck at the SNC Championship with a mighty metagame share of 35 percent. But since then, its dominance has steadily declined. Having an unfavorable matchup against the SNC Championship-winning deck, Jeskai Hinata, does not bode well for the three-color midrange strategy. 

I was one of the 35 percent of Esper players at the SNC Championship. I had a good list and felt prepared for the metagame of Esper, Dragonstorm and Naya Runes. This is the list I played. Further down, I will talk about my updated list and why I made the changes I did.




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2 thoughts on “Standard Esper Midrange – Deck Guide Update”

  1. Hey man, out of all blue decks in the format this one is what I enjoy playing the most. I’ve been getting crushed as Temur lately.

    I like the look of this list but I’m iffy on cutting meathook from the MB. That card has won me so many games I had no business winning; it seems like its complete fail cases are a lot less frequent than Pierce and Stroke. fWhat about leaving the 2 make disappear as your MB countes, putting Stroke and Pierce in the side and Meathook to MB? I also sometimes feel flooded on Underdog; having more than one in the grave often feels like a bit of a waste, and it makes us more susceptible to Go Blank. Do you think 3 copies is too few for curve?

    I never tried Jwari because I assume the deck is too color hungry for it. Thoughts?

  2. I chose this deck as my standard deck of choice last season as I knew a lot of the cards would still be viable upon rotation. I’ll miss my Legion Angel and Luminarch Ascension but looking likes its still going to be fun with Shelodred, Ertai Ressurected and friends.

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