Eternal Weekend Metagame

Eternal Weekend was on Magic Online for the first time this year due to Covid but that didn’t stop anyone from participating. Check out the metagame from the event here!



Modern Death & Taxes Deck Guide

One of the oldest decks in the Modern format recently got a new upgrade, thanks to Zendikar Rising. Check out this deck guide to see how playing this deck is now!



The 23rd Card Problem

It’s hard to make the final cuts of your Limited decks. Ethan Saks is here to answer the ultimate question: How do you approach your 23rd card?



Delver of Secrets and the Ban List

Balancing Legacy is a delicate process. Lawrence Harmon explores some of the ways Legacy can be improved while keeping players happy.


Cheap Tricks: $35 Mono-Green Food

Cheap tricks is here for your weekly budget deck guide! Join Riley Knight as he shows you how to play Mono-Green Food.

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