Toxic Deck — Galarian Weezing / Inteleon

Toxic Deck — Galarian Weezing / Inteleon

Hello again readers, I’m back today to talk about a deck that might not have seen the most play in the new SSHEVS format yet. I’ve known that I had the topic of “rogue deck” for this week for a while now and have been brainstorming ideas nonstop for it. To give credit where it’s due, I’ve had to discard around five different ideas because enough people played the decks that I can’t really consider them to be a “rogue” concept anymore. On the bright side, the deck that I’m talking about today might have been played a bit, but not enough for it to get any big results.

I’ve really loved the number of different Inteleon engine decks that have emerged recently and I wanted to cover another deck with it that doesn’t focus on a VMAX. Rather, it focuses on making your opponent play a slower game that makes them take at least five KOs. I had this idea before rotation hit and never really bothered to try it because of how much faster TAG TEAMs made the game. Recently, we’ve seen Sableye V paired with Inteleon to some rather decent success. Many ways to play that Pokemon V have popped up and my favorite was when it was paired with Galarian Weezing. My brain took that one step further and decided that a deck focusing just on Galarian Weezing and Inteleon was a good idea. Is it? I certainly hope so, I just haven’t had the chance to play any online events with it due to school.

Here’s the list:

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