The Top 10 Pokemon Cards from Evolving Skies

The Top 10 Pokemon Cards from Evolving Skies

Hello CFB readers! TrainerChip back with another Pokemon TCG collecting and investing article. Evolving Skies has just come out and this set has been so much fun to open. I’ve gotten lucky enough to already pull the Rayquaza VMAX alternate art, which was one of my most wanted cards from the set! Now I just need the alternate Rayquaza V to match – I’ll be one happy Rayquaza fan.

It’s no secret that Evolving Skies is an extremely fun set to collect for. There are so many alternate arts, full arts and secret rares to try and collect. Not to mention, all the different Eeveelutions in this set! There are 34 – that’s right – 34 different Eeveelution cards to collect in this set. The Eeveelutions have their own unique collector base and many collector’s favorite Pokemon is one of the Eeveelutions.

Espeon VMAX (065/203)Umbreon VMAX (095/203)

With the Eeveelutions, Rayquaza, Dragonite, secret rares and alternate arts to consider, it can be easy to be overwhelmed when it comes to collecting this incredible set. This article is going to contain my top 10 investment picks from Evolving Skies. This can be a difficult thing to put into a list because there are so many variables at play. How much can you buy these cards for now? Did you pull it out of a four-dollar pack? Are you looking at the value in five years or in six months? So, I want to set some ground rules:

  • I won’t be assigning potential futures to any cards
  • These are just the 10 cards that I believe have a good chance to be the most valuable cards when looking back on this set a few years down the road
  • Opinions are based on this set’s status once it’s out of print
  • Good chance is a key phrase to remember

There are many unknown variables when considering a list like this:

  • Will there be more print runs of this set?
  • How many more?
  • Will any of these cards get different printings?

My choices are based on the information at hand right now! Remember, these are just my opinions. I don’t expect to look back on this list in five years and have it be 100% perfect. There are just too many things at play. But I do feel confident in my ability to identify future value and there are a lot of comparisons to past sets that can be made as well to help guide these estimations.

With all that out of the way, let’s get to this top 10!

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#10: Darkness Energy 236/203

It may seem a little anticlimactic to have a basic Energy on this list, but history would indicate that this card is going to be sought after. Secret rare Darkness Energy from Burning Shadows is the second-most expensive card from that set and in general, shiny Energy cards hold their value well. This card’s value will be heavily impacted by how good Darkness decks are competitively. When Darkness-type decks are heavily played, this card’s value will rise. When such decks decrease in play, this card’s value will go down. The same could also be said about the secret rare Metal Energy and secret Lightning Energy in this set, but it does seem like Darkness-type Pokemon have been stronger in recent history.

Darkness Energy (236/203)

#9: Rayquaza VMAX 217/203

To probably no one’s surprise, this is the first of a few Rayquaza cards on this list! Rayquaza has always been and will always be, a fan-favorite Pokemon. This card really hits all the marks when it comes to determining what cards will hold value in the future. It’s a secret rare, meaning it’s hard to pull. It’s a popular Pokemon, meaning there are collectors for just Rayquaza specifically. It’s a Legendary Pokemon, which often draws another specific collecting group. Finally, it’s a solid competitive card, meaning it’s value could also be affected by its playability. While this card is the lowest on the list, it is still one that is sure to be desirable down the line.

Rayquaza VMAX (217/203)

#8: Glaceon VMAX 209/203

It’s a secret rare, it’s an Eeveelution and it’s got an adorable Pikachu featured in the artwork, what’s not to love about this card! Based on past sets like Hidden Fates, Ultra Prism and Majestic Dawn, Glaceon does seem to be one of the less popular Eeveelutions. It is consistently the least expensive when printed alongside other Eeveelutions. So that’s what brings it to the lower portion of this list. This card does have some good things going for it though! For starters, that awesome Pikachu featured front and center on the card is sure to draw some eyes. Many Pikachu collectors will seek out cards like this, even though this is not technically a Pikachu card. There are also other popular Pokemon on the artwork, including Marill and Eevee.

Crystal Veil is also a solid ability and Glaceon may have a chance to be in the competitive spotlight at some point as well! Overall, an awesome card and a worthy inclusion on this list.

Glaceon VMAX (209/203)

#7: Leafeon VMAX 205/203

The counterpart to Glaceon VMAX, I would favor this card when comparing these two cards directly to one another. The best example and reasoning for this would be to compare Glaceon LV.X and Leafeon LV.X from Majestic Dawn to one another. From that set, Leafeon consistently sells for more than Glaceon. Now in this set specifically, Glaceon VMAX does have one thing going for it over Leafeon VMAX and that is the Pikachu on the card. I don’t think that one Pikachu is enough to catapult Glaceon over Leafeon, but it is still something to consider.

The art on this Leafeon VMAX is great, with the rolling hills and the farm life scenery. This is fitting to Leafeon’s characteristics, since in the Pokedex it is said to use photosynthesis.

Leafeon VMAX (205/203)

#6: Umbreon V 189/203

This is the first card that isn’t a secret rare to hit this list. But it won’t be the last one!

This card is just awesome. The shining moon in the background illuminates the Umbreon sitting atop the brick wall, just looking down upon all the other Pokemon in the alleyway. Umbreon is consistently the most popular of all the Eeveelutions and has its own die-hard collectors. The artist on this card, Teeziro, has only been doing Pokemon card art since Chilling Reign. This is the first ultra rare card that they have drawn and what an incredible first outing this is! If this artist gets more opportunities to produce beautiful pieces like this one, this card could be looked on as the beginning of a stellar series of entries into the Pokemon world.

I do think this card will decrease in value a little bit in the coming months from its current $80 price point, but I wouldn’t expect it to ever dip much lower than that. This is a card I would certainly be looking to add to my collection – if I hadn’t been so lucky to already pull one myself!

Umbreon V (189/203)

#5: Sylveon VMAX 212/203

Sylveon is the newest of all the Eeveelutions, being added to the games in the Kalos region in 2013. Ever since its introduction, Sylveon has become a favorite of many players and collectors. Since Sylveon is the newest member of this family, it is the most difficult to compare to past prices since there is so much less data to work with. One thing worth noting, every single Sylveon card has retained solid value for its rarity class. Even just non-holo rare Sylveon cards that many would expect to be bulk cards, only worth a few cents, have a value of a few dollars. This is just a testament to the popularity of this Pokemon! This secret rare card is deserves its spot on this list.

Sylveon VMAX (212/203)

#4 Dragonite V 192203

This is probably the gutsiest call on this list. As of my writing this piece, this card is currently less valuable than the four cards that precede it. I do expect that this card will jump past the Eeveelution cards at some point in the future. Dragonite is one of the most popular first generation Pokemon. So having the flagship gen one Dragon-type featured on such a sweet card is a recipe for big-time future value. Right now, it is still early on in this set’s life, but already there are less listings for this card on public marketplace sites like TCGplayer and eBay than any other card on this list. To me this means one of two things. Either this card is much shorter printed than the other alternate arts in this set or this card is already very sought after by Dragonite and gen one collectors alike. One or both things could be true and either way these are great signs for the future value of this incredible card.

Dragonite V (192/203)

#3: Rayquaza V 194/203

This one is a personal favorite of mine and it is now my most-wanted card from this set that I have yet to pull! I’ve been a big Rayquaza fan ever since I was a kid and played through Pokemon Emerald. My love for this Pokemon continued in the 2017 Pokemon season where I got my first ever invite to the World Championships with multiple top tournament finishes with M Rayquaza-EX. Whatever the reason may be for others out there, Rayquaza is a very popular Pokemon and that should not change anytime soon.

Zinnia being featured prominently on this card is a huge bonus. She is a very popular character, and her backstory is intertwined very closely with Rayquaza’s lore.

Rayquaza V (194/203)

#2: Rayquaza VMAX 218/203

I bet you expected this card to be number one on this list, didn’t you? As big a Rayquaza fan as I am, it does pain me to award this card the runner-up spot in this race. As of my writing this, this is currently the most expensive card in Evolving Skies. It’s got everything a Rayquaza fan should love! Rayquaza looking down into the valley, eyeing up its surroundings. Weaving around the beams from the Max Raid Battle Dens below, this Dynamax Pokemon surveys the land already aware that it is the strongest Pokemon in the area. This card is sure to be a centerpiece in any Rayquaza collection and many modern collectors will herald it as their best pull.

Rayquaza VMAX (218/203)

#1: Umbreon VMAX 215/203

While this card is currently just a bit cheaper than the Rayquaza VMAX’s alternate art, I do believe that Umbreon VMAX will eventually take its place as the most expensive card from Evolving Skies. I wrote above about how I believe Umbreon is the most popular of all the Eeveelution cards. The easiest comparison to make for this card is to look at the Hidden Fates Shiny Vault. That mini set features shiny versions of Umbreon, Sylveon, Espeon, Leafeon and Glaceon. Which of those cards is most valuable? Umbreon-GX of course. I also believe that Umbreon VMAX will become the most competitively viable card from Evolving Skies, which will even further boost the value of this card. The Dark Signal Ability is very similar to other Abilities in the past which have almost all turned out to be incredibly strong in competitive play.

I am not sure when it will happen, but just as the Umbreon featured in the artwork of this card reaches towards the moon, so too will this card reach past all other cards in this incredible set.

Umbreon VMAX (215/203)

Well, I think this top 10 turned into a little more of an artwork review than I initially expected! But to be honest, that really should be one of the driving factors when determining the value of cards like these. Art is subjective and what I appreciate you may not! Similarly, the cards that you personally love most I may not be quite as fond of. That’s the joy of collecting the Pokemon TCG! It feels as though there are nearly endless options as to what to collect and there are always exciting new cards to chase after.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this article! I hope you enjoyed and were able to see my point of view on why I placed cards the way I did. The recent wave of alternate arts have been a joy to collect and appreciate and I can only hope that the alternates continue to be printed in future sets. If you are looking to purchase any Evolving Skies to open yourself, be sure to check out where there are always great Pokemon products available for competitive prices.

If you enjoy my content, please consider supporting me by using my creator code below when checking out! You can also catch more of my content on the ChannelPokemon YouTube channel where I upload every Friday and on my personal YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch channels – all those things are @TrainerChip.


Until next time, keep playing, keep collecting and take care!

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