ChannelFireball’s Chilling Reign Pokemon TCG Set Review

ChannelFireball's Chilling Reign Pokemon TCG Set Review

This, and all of my future works are dedicated to my friend Jimmy Pendarvis.

Rest in peace.

Time to go over Chilling Reign.

Ratings are determined on a scale and bonus marks are awarded if applicable. I do this to highlight cards that might not get attention otherwise; these cards can still be fun to look at and you can theorize what could’ve been or what could be in the future. This review will focus on Standard as always, perhaps with a few Expanded tidbits thrown in.

Translations and scans where applicable are credited to PokeBeach.

The Rankings

  • Competitive Playability
    • 5-Point Scale
  • Bonus Marks:
    • Broken
    • Creative Design
    • Fun

Rankings are often “relative” to a card’s class (Supporter, VMAX, Special Energy…) it would be unfair to compare two different types of cards with the same rating and say one is definitively better than the other. My numerical rankings are merely a gauging tool so that I can develop my thoughts on each, and for you to get a better idea of what I think is strong.

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The Final Word

A skipped over a few cards here and there, mostly because they’re bad. The likes of Doctor, Expedition Uniform, Honey and Trainers like them primarily. Oh, and the Castform cards are all awful. Remember how good Rotom was? I have no idea how you’ll get eight Stadiums discarded in Standard either. This set is extremely exciting. Shadow Rider Calyrex looks extremely fun and should make an immediate impact on the metagame. Chilling Reign might be even better than Battle Styles!

Remember to cherish what you have.



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