A Look at My Hero Academa CCG Heroes Clash First Spoilers

Fall is upon us and it brings the newest set to the MHA landscape, Heroes Clash. This set will have some new features that the previous two sets haven’t had. From the rumored Chrome Rares to the release of more Actions and Assets that can flip games on their head, this set is going to be a turning point for the format in several ways. Let’s jump in and see what in store.

Continuing the changes from Crimson Rampage, you’ll receive two Quirk Packs and a Box Topper promo card (XR) in every box. It’s nice to see they’re stuffing value into these boxes as they are a bit more expensive than other card games. Remember to save all of the empty foil wrappers and turn them in to the loyalty program to get the reward points that you just bought.

I always want to be honest with my readers, so newer players just know you’ll be paying about $90 to $100 per box. This might be normal to players from Magic or DBS, but if you’re coming from Yugioh, you might get a bit of sticker shock. Just know, there’s a reason the prices are higher. The rates of pulling the rarest cards are much better (a SCR in every other box/two per case) and the value from the Loyalty Program makes up the difference. 

Now, what about the juice? Heroes Clash spoilers are still leaking, but let’s take a look at some of the best so far. 

Blood Moon Rending is a card that doesn’t need much explanation. The disruption and power of it are just apparent. It even holds my favorite block modifier. The drawback for BMR is the resource symbol pool. The best weapon lineups don’t play on Evil, Order or Void, but… Order and Void are adding Weapons. This one could end up being a powerhouse down the road.

The leader of The League of Villains is back and apparently he’s not too happy about his win rate. Sudden Death Assault adds to his lineup of difficult to block attacks that hurt way too much! Mix that with his new Character’s ability to stack up momentum and that’s a problem that players better watch out for.

Didn’t see it? Can’t block it! Hagakure continues the trend of putting stress on the blocking mechanic in this set. She punishes characters that don’t mind playing in Deadlock. I’d like to see how she’ll fair on the Good symbol. Not to mention, that Response is sick. While she’s Ready, your opponent needs the top three cards of their deck to be a high enough check to pass a card. That applies immense pressure to the end of an attack chain.

Jasco doesn’t like staples, but in Premiere events you’re going to need to tech a few Engine Trouble, at least in the side deck. It’s such a precise, cheap and effective measure against so many nagging cards. 

I honestly keep re-reading this card every couple days to make sure it says what I think it says. Cancelling effects just got brought to a lot of decks, so players are going to have to think hard about overextending. Imagine that Recipro Burst that can’t use the last ability to boost its damage. This card should put Eraser in the conversation of the #1 spot.

A personal favorite for me is Ectoplasm Clones. It’s not some format defining card or anything, but seeing five or six of these jammed down on the tables of my local card shop is going to be a memorable sight.

Yes. The answer is yes. That card does say that. Not much downside on Somnambulism aside from the Control Check. However, if that’s all I have to pay to run a card that can commit my rival’s Character, increase my hand size and reduce my opponents hand and stun? Yes. I’ll have what she’s having.

Bakugo is finally getting it. You can’t just run through all your resources. You have to replace some of them. Well, Stun Grenade is one of the first steps to doing just that. We’ll get some stun for our troubles and a chance at drawing an attack. Not a bad addition to a deck that is just a couple steps away from being tournament viable.

Heroes Clash is showing off some pretty interesting cards that I can’t wait to get my hands on. Next time, I’ll be previewing the Assets, Foundations and anything eye-popping as we continue to count down to the release of the set this October. Until next time, I’ll see you on the tables.

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