News Round Up: Week of November 1

The first week of November showed off not one but two new sets. First, the heavily anticipated Commander Legends was fulled revealed. The set – this year’s “draft innovation” product – seeks to merge the draft experience with the multiplayer fun of Commander. The Prerelease for the set will take place November 13-19, with the set being released on Magic Online on November 19 and released for tabletop on November 20.

The second set showcased was the MTG Arena only Kaladesh Remastered. The set takes a subset of cards from both Kaladesh and Aether Revolt and packages them into a set for both limited and Historic constructed play on Arena. The set will hit the platform on November 12.

November 7 and 8 sees another Zendikar Rising League Weekend for both the Magic Pro League and the Rivals League. The top deck for this weekend is Gruul Adventures with both Dimir Rogues and Esper Doom Foretold having a strong showing. These League Weekends help to determine placement for next year’s professional season as well as invitations to end of season tournaments. More information on the second Zendikar Rising League Weekend can be found here.

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