Waste Not Brew Off

Thanks again to everyone participating in this community deckbuilding series. I’m having a lot of fun going through so many decks and giving feedback, and I hope you find my comments useful.

As always, the idea of this series is to spread deckbuilding as a tool for improved learning. Our goal as individuals in this series is to improve our deckbuilding and reap the rewards from our improved mental processes.

Each week we are going to take a unique, peculiar card and open it up to exciting possibilities. The last two weeks we have worked with alternate win conditions Barren Glory and Near-Death Experience, but that is just the beginning.

Waste Not Brew Off

Waste Not is a special Magic card for various reasons.

The history of this card makes it special—it was born from a community You-Make-The-Card campaign on dailymtg.com, MTG’s Mothership Website.

Over a period of weeks and months the community voted on different aspects of Waste Not, shaping it into the stellar card that it is.

The resulting card, Waste Not, is full of exciting possibilities. While it hasn’t gone “mainstream” this rogue enchantment is certainly powerful, and our goal this week is to find the best home for this card in Modern.

Waste Not Deck Submission Guidelines

I am going through over 100 deck lists myself, reading through them, making notes, giving feedback, and selecting my favorites or what I think to be the best.

Going through this many deck lists takes a lot of time, and submissions that are clearly presented make things much easier for me.

The ability to express an idea is well nigh as important as the idea itself.

-Bernard Baruch

I invite you to take some extra time to think about how to present your deck idea. This may be as important as the deck idea itself.

Present your deck in a cost sort, showing your plan from turn 1, to turn 2, to turn 3, and so on. This is the easiest for me to read, and seems to be the easiest for the majority to understand.

This strategy is easy to understand:

With this I can immediately read your plan from start to finish.

As opposed to:

With this I have to hunt around to figure out what you might do on turn 1 and where that mana is coming from. I can quickly identify that you are playing a Relentless Rats deck, but it’s not immediately obvious how you are operating turn by turn.

You may need to be strategic in presentation of cards with varied casting costs, such as Pact of Negation, Greater Gargadon, or Genesis Hydra.

Use your strategic discretion when choosing how to present these—slot them where you plan on casting them. This will help me understand your idea.

Finally, for your accompanying deck description, try to explain your idea in as few words as possible. Get to the essence. Longer submissions are harder to read. Short succinct submissions get the job done nicely.

Waste Not Brew Off

I am going to pick one winning Waste Not Brew based on presentation, competitiveness, uniqueness, fun, flavor, and style to win a $25 CFB store credit and feature in next week’s article.

Thanks to everyone who participated and I look forward to reading your submission in the comments.

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