Top 8 of Players Tour Finals are Set

This past weekend the Players Tour Finals took place on MTG Arena. The tournament was saturated with Wilderness Reclamation, with the deck taking down nearly 54% of Day One and 51% of Day Two. Growth Spiral was also a major player, with over 66% of the Day One field playing the instant and that number dropped to around 64% of Day Two.

The Top 8, which will be played on August 1st, will feature four Wilderness Reclamation decks. Here are your Top 8 competitors:

  • Patrick Fernandes on Temur Reclamation
  • Michael Jacob on Mardu Winota
  • Riku Kumagai on Mono-Black Aggro
  • Christoffer Larsen on Jund Sacrifice
  • Raphael Levy on Azorius Control
  • Kristof Prinz on Four-Color Reclamation
  • Benjamin Weitz on Four-Color Reclamation
  • Allen Wu on Temur Reclamation

The Top 8 will be seeded at random and will feature a double elimination bracket.

The Top 8 players have qualified for the Grand Finals coming later this year. Also qualifying are the Top 16 players from the Player’s Tour Finals:

  • Piotr Glowgowski
  • Autumn Burchett
  • Sam Sherman
  • Seth Manfield
  • Alvaro Fernandez Torres
  • Austic Bursavich
  • Ivan Floch
  • Eetu Perttula

Congratulations to the Top 16 and Top 8 players. We’ll see you next Saturday for the Top 8!

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