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Legacy: GP Prague and GP Columbus

Rodrigo Togeros took Storm all the way to the top in Prague, and in Columbus, 16-year-old Clay Spicklemore poisoned his way to $10,000 and a trophy with Infect.

ChannelFireball WMCQ

Owen Turtenwald took down the ChannelFireball World Magic Cup Qualifier in Santa Clara, CA. You can find all of the Top 8 deck lists, including Owen’s Black/White Control, here.

5 Articles from Around the Web

The Origins of Zoo (Interview with Zac Dolan) – Old School

What better way to figure out how to build Zoo in Old-School Magic than to talk to the man who won the first MTG World Championship in 1994? At MagicTime, Jacopo Borreli interviews Zac Dolan, Magic’s first World Champion, about the first appearance of Zoo at that tournament and his impressions of it.

Someone Just Solved the Eternal Masters Conspiracy 2 Token Mystery (And That’s A Lot of Tokens)

Notice that weird partial text on the side of Eternal Masters tokens? At, News on the Net shows you what it means.

Which Hall of Famer Are You?

Have a little fun with this tool at Gas MTGa test to determine which Magic Hall-of-Famer matches your Magic style. Your humble researcher won by getting LSV.

A Glimpse of the Eternal

Patrick Scalisi at Vintage Magic lovingly reviews the art that pays homage to older cards in Eternal Masters.

And That Makes Six—A Look at W/G Tokens

Raphael Levy’s 2-Chandra take on GW Tokens has been the subject of some debate here at ChannelFireball (See Frank’s article below), but you can here the case from the man himself. Check out Raph’s breakdown of the deck he used to conquer GP Manchester.

5 Posts from ChannelFireball You Shouldn’t Miss

Magic Math – Should You Play 2 Chandra with 4 Oath of Nissa?

Frank Karsten runs the numbers on those 2 Chandras—what’s the probability that you draw Oath before you hit your 6th land?

How to Convince Your Opponent to Hand You the Game

PV provides a master class on giving your opponent a reason to let you win, or walk willingly into a loss.

Don’t Loot

BBD makes his case against looting, contrary to LSV’s recommended play from his most recent edition of What’s the Play?

Ban Miracles

Looking for a little controversy? Andrea Mengucci’s article sparked some heated arguments about whether it’s time to ban Legacy’s most dominant deck.

Top 8 Cards We Wish Were in Eternal Masters

A few important cards didn’t make the cut for Eternal Masters. Paul and Mashi count down the ones that matter most.

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