Puzzle: Copying Spells vs. Crafting Servos *Solution*

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An opposing Saheeli has been assembling a crew of Servos slowly but reliably getting in the way of you ending the game. With Ral now on board and ready to copy one last spell, victory might just be within reach. Can you find the line to win this turn?

A complex Magic: The Gathering Board state featuring a challenging puzzle.

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  1. Cast Integrity targeting Havoc Devils. Ral triggers to deal 1 damage to your opponent, taking them to 9. Feather triggers to exile Integrity.
  2. Attack with both creatures. All blocking scenarios allow at least 3 damage through, taking your opponent to 6.
  3. Use Ral’s -2 ability, destroying him.
  4. Go to your end step. Feather’s delayed triggered ability returned Integrity // Intervention to your hand. Cast Intervention targeting your opponent. Ral’s ability copies it. Choose to also target the opponent with the copy, and deal 6 for lethal once both resolve!

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# Player Points # Player Points
1 Allen Smith 3.8 5 Justin Daily 3.3
2 Christian John Hazlett 3.7 6 Justin Francis 3.1
3 Eric Fletcher 3.7 7 Josh Oratz 3
4 Matthew Williams 3.5 8 Paul Barrett 2.9

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Thanks for playing and tune in again next week!

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