Official M11 Preview Card – Knight Exemplar


It looks like tribal is still a theme in M11, at least at the rare level, and this card is a good example. I have never seen a lord that rewards you so much for doubling up before, since if you have two, they both make each other indestructible. Though I doubt anyone will read this paragraph until AFTER looking at the card, here it is:


Not the most aggressively costed guy, Knight Exemplar still offers quite the upside with the potential of locking out removal when you have two of them. You just have to watch out for Maelstrom Pulse, though luckily that rotates out a few short months after M11 comes out.

Knight is not traditionally a creature class that gets a whole lot of attention, but it does show up on a few good creatures in Standard:


The most likely home for Knight Exemplar would be in a Mono-White deck, alongside Student of Warfare, Knight of the White Orchid, and possibly White Knight, but the protection it offers to Knight of the Reliquary isn’t negligible. Knight of the Reliquary already draws so much attention, making it more likely that you can stick double Exemplar, and if active, Reliquary can also protect Exemplar with Sejiri Steppe. Plus, who knows what sort of interesting Knights may be in M11…

Tribal lords do have do be pretty good to see play, so Knight Exemplar has a tough barrier to overcome. If there is a lord in each color, maybe one will end up being actually good enough, though only time will tell!

One final note before I go: I will be gunslinging at the FrontRangeMagic M11 Prerelease in Denver, so if you are in town, stop by!


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  1. I remember Aaron Forcythe saying that there would be a hoser for Jund in M11. I really hope this isn’t Wizard’s idea of another stag.

  2. Im thinking the “Jund Hoser” is actually the Hardheaded Baloth –
    2GG, 4/4, when ~ comes into play, gain 4 life. If a spell an opponent casts would cause you to discard ~, put in onto the battlefield instead.

    Negates the life loss and card advantage of blightning. It’s more just a blihhtning hoser than a Jund hoser I guess.

  3. With two of these guys out they would protect each other from pulse, so you really wouldn’t have to worry about a 2-for-1.

  4. I’m pretty sure the ‘hoser’ is the 4/4 gain 4 life green creature that you get to put into play for free when it gets Blightninged away.

    This looks fun, but Knight of the Reliquary’s rotating out soon anyway, and that’s the only really top-tier Knight in standard at the moment.

  5. LSV,

    you said that having two can lock out opponents removal but to watch for pulse

    If you have two of these in play you don’t have to watch out for Pulse because they have indestructible. You can get one pulsed obviously, but you made it sound like having two in play is good except that they can pulse them both.

  6. The jund’s hoser is a 2GG beast that gains 4 life when etb and may be put into play if discarded.

  7. more like mana leak is a jund hoser because it’s getting reprinted, lawlz. Finally, the return of blue!!!

  8. lol so the mana leak goof in LSV’s fairies list was him just knowing ahead of time it was getting reprinted, isn’t that cute.

  9. Lol i bet LSV made that comment as a joke. seems like something he would do to see what people said.

  10. Sweet stuff, I wish they had cards for magic players, like baseball, I’d get yours first, you rock!

  11. Caravan Escort is a knight. Also, it is much more likely that this may see play in some odd Mid-rangeish WW deck in extended.

  12. “I have never seen a lord that rewards you so much for doubling up before, because I missed the beginning of Llorwyn previews and never drafted or faced a Timber Protector.”

  13. @gyantspyder

    I didn’t want to mention timber protector, because that’s the secret extended deck I’m working on.

  14. @matt

    Return of blue? Seriously, you think blue hasn’t been very good or even playable these last few months?

    I love the return of Mana Leak as much as the next guy, but I fear it will mean I have to battle through mirror match after mirror match in coming tournaments. With Wall of Omens and Mana Leak UW control finally has an early game worth mentioning (Spreading Seas is not good against eveyone. Wall of Omens is not good against control, but in that case you don’t need a presence in the early game and you can side it away anyway.)

    Regarding the previewed card… I guess it’s an anti-wrath tech for mono-white aggro, if it plays enough knights, but mostly it is for the casual players.

  15. @Nick, Don, Durdle Burdles
    This is a reference to an article Josh Utter-Leyton posted a while back which contained a joke about being careful so you don’t get your two planeswalkers (I think it was garruk) pulsed.

    No it was just happenstance. I don’t know why there has been a sudden resurgence in people believing in absurd conspiracy theories but if you took even a second to think it would be clear that isn’t even remotely likely.

    @ that 4/4
    Jund decks will just move away from playing blightning main like in the Seattle 5k. Not exactly a ‘hoser’.


  16. @obstinate baloth

    Seems important to the jund mirror if nothing else, trumps thrinax and elf while trading with leech. What if you side out blightning and they aren’t playing it (or vengevine)?

  17. Maelstrom Pulse won’t kill your two Knight Exemplars, because they will both be indestructible.

  18. That art is absolutely fantastic. Also, the card has some potential as it makes overextending so much safer.

  19. What about a Knight deck in Extended?
    Remember the Morningtide Knight giving all you knight “double Strike”???
    add meadow-grain, wite leaf cavalier and 4/4 WG lord and you have :

    4 Warfare student
    4 Meadowgrain
    4 White Orchid
    4 Reliquiary (WG)
    4 Knight Exelmplar (crusade effect)
    3 Wite leaf Cavalier (WG)
    4 Double Strike Knight (double or triple crusade effect)
    4 Witeleaf liege (WG) (crusade or double crusade effect)

    4 Brave the elements/Path to exile/Honor of the Pure

    2 Mutavault (KNIGHT TOO!)
    10 Plains
    4 Sunpetal Grove
    4 Wooded Bastion
    2 Ancient Zigurath
    1 Seijire Steppe
    2 Stirring Wildwood

  20. They had one as far back as Worldwake (IIRC), with Admonition Angel. LSV previewed Skittering Invarion last time.

  21. If you have a critical mass of knights, then this could actually be a very good card. You don’t even need two to make them all indestructible, although that’s nice. Even one out is protection against say Day of Judgment. You’d lose the Exemplar, but the rest of your knights would stay put.

    I’m going to guess that we’re going to see an additional Knight or two in M11 to go along with this beyond just White Knight. It might make for a good White Weenie deck.

  22. PlatypusPlatoon

    I loved, loved, _loved_ Timber Protector. Treefolk was my signature deck for two years.

    Welcome back, lords of indestructibility!

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  24. I think the new Knight Lord is pretty awesome. Why WotC is pushing weenie white again, is beyond me. It didn’t last long when Honor of the Pure dropped in M10. Plus, there are still cards like O-Ring, Journey to Nowhere and now Condemn coming back, that will shut down Indestructible dudes. But, I’m sure Knights will make a splash.

  25. Lsv is all for the gentle humor these days, it’s like when he made that comment about Consume the Meek pumping his kiln fiends.

    I think its hilarious! Keep it up.

  26. Ok, so maelstrom pulse can kill indestructible creatures, but only if you have two of them with the same name. Got it. My friend totally cheated then when I cast pulse on one of his three Darksteel Colossus (I h8 his colossus deck!!!) and he said only the one I targeted died because the others were indestructible.

    Thanks LSV.

  27. The above comment is probably the best ever.

    @ Obstinate Baloth, “Jund Hoser Extraordinaire”: Meh. I’d rather just get Blightning’d and discard Vengevine.

  28. @Matt T

    Yeah no doubt. Too bad this hoser is a year late to the party as well. Oh well.

    The red 2 mana kill a Baneslayer is exactly the card I wish I had in my board all through M10. Now it’s real, yay!

  29. I’m not sure you realized this when you wrote the article (as I’m sure you would have no doubt caught the mistake), but while one Knight could indeed be destroyed by a Maelstrom Pulse, the irony of the situation is that with two of them play, normally 2-for-1 for the Maelstrom Pulse caster, the Maelstrom Pulse does not in fact destroy multiples of them!!!!!!

  30. Pulse can’t kill multiple knights because they all become indestructible in multiples

  31. Lol @ the bad players who read that one pulse line and quickly commented in the hopes to be the first to correct LSV.

    Read the comments kids, everyone picked it up and it was an intentional joke…

  32. @calebd, I laughed hard there.. (don’t worry, I am getting the point of the post)

  33. Out of all the new things they’ve printed so far, the one I’m most shocked at is time reversal. It’s almost as good as Wheel of Fortune, and I think the only reason the whole magic community is not talking about this card more is because it is mostly an aggro card and its blue, not red. But seriously though, it draws you seven cards! If Bant allies, or any other aggro deck with blue in it becomes more popular, this card is sure to see a spot in many sideboards, if nothing else. It punishes the hell out of day of judgment, allowing an aggro player to unload on their opponent, and if the board gets wiped, they just reload their hand with threats the next turn. I’m getting a playset.

  34. and did i mention that wheel of fortune is banned in legacy and restricted in vintage? So awesome.

  35. Luck Sack Vargas, do you want to know about my super secret tech in my legacy deck that hoses 2 decks with 1 card???

    Let’s just say you could be Cedric Jr.

    E-mail me @ [email protected] if you want my list!

  36. LoL decent card, not good enough for tournament play, but it’s the best knight lord so far!
    Also, time reversal sucks, its going to drop to $5 once people realize it’s only good in edh. Pro tip: it draws your opp 7 cards that they get to use first!

  37. YEAH!!!!!! Now that’s a card that I would like to see in my Knight deck. I’ve been waiting for a long time for good knights to be printed. It seems that we are now getting what we are looking for.

  38. while i can see how it is good as a 4/4 that gains you four life the fact of the matter that u are all missing is that it doesnt bring himself back if you discard him to blighting it brings back a creature by the name of hardheaded baloth not itself maybe you should take that into consideration before sticking 4 of them in your deck against jund so you dont look silly.

  39. my freind told me pulse didn’t kill multpiles of the knight lord so i punched him and now the policemans want LSV to testify since he said it did worked.
    What do I do now?

  40. Don’t forget the Cloud Crusader a common flying knight with first strike for 2ww who now becomes indestructible – not bad.

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