News Round Up: Week of September 7

The week of September 7th was dominated by two major threads: Zendikar Rising and the Mythic Invitational. Let’s get to it!

First up, the complete card list for Zendikar Rising is now available. The set marks a return to a fan favorite plane and sees mechanics that reflect the original concept of “Adventure World”, as opposed to the war-torn plane see during the Battle for Zendikar block. The full list for the Zendikar Rising Commander Decks were also released this week.

Not all the news was good, however. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, both Zendikar Rising and Commander Legends are experiencing production delays. The initial allocation of Zendikar Rising will be arriving in two waves and some products – namely the Bundle – do not have an arrival date. Commander Legends Draft Boosters will arrive on time for release – November 6th – but Collector Boosters will be delayed until November 20th.

Two other tidbits from this week: the complete list of cards in The List – a special slot in Zendikar Rising Set Boosters – can be found here. We also found out that Eternal Weekend will be taking place on Magic Online. And that’s not all – Mystery Boosters will also be coming to the platform.

This week also featured the Mythic Invitational. The Arena tournament used the Historic Constructed format and the deck to beat going into the first day of competition was Mono-Red Goblins. Only one copy made the Top 8 (although Emma Handy played the archetype to a 9th place finish). The Top 8 will play out Saturday and Sunday and will feature:

  • Luis Salvatto on Rakdos Arcanist
  • Grzegorz Kowalski on Jund Citadel
  • David Steinberg on Jund Sacrifice
  • Gabriel Nassif on Jund Sacrifice
  • Matthew Nass on Mono-Black Gift
  • Ken Yukuhiro on Mono-Red Goblins
  • Luis Scott-Vargas on Jund Sacrifice
  • Seth Manfield on Sultai Midrange

These players, as well as the Top 16 players from the Invitational, qualify for the Grand Finals. As Seth Manfield had previously qualified, his slot passes down to the player in 17th place: Junya Iyanaga.

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