News Round Up: Week of July 20

Let’s take a look back at this week in the world of Magic!

Double Masters previews continued to roll in. New inclusions spoiled this week include Chrome Mox, Force of Will, Mox Opal, and more!

Double Masters is also coming to Magic Online. The release of the latest set to the platform will also feature a change in the draft user interface and, in a first, offer “God Accounts” for a limited time in conjunction with GenCon Online. These accounts are being implemented to help players participate in the GenCon Online Vintage and Legacy championships.

With the Players Tour Finals taking place this weekend on MTG Arena, we got to meet the 7 Players Tour Champions and learn about some of the 145 competitors. We also got a look into the metagame, which somewhat predictably is dominated by Wilderness Reclamation decks. Around 2/3rds of all decks being played in the Players Tour Finals are running Growth Spiral. The Swiss rounds of the Players Tour Finals will take place this weekend with the Top 8 playing out next weekend.

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