Kristof Prinz Wins the Players Tour Finals

Last week some of the best Magic players in the world logged into Arena to compete in the Players Tour Finals. At the end of Sunday the Top 8 remained to do battle this weekend. On August 1st, the Top 8 were reseeded and returned to play for the title. The Top 8 consisted of:

  • Patrick Fernandes on Temur Reclamation
  • Michael Jacob on Mardu Winota
  • Riku Kumagai on Mono-Black Aggro
  • Christoffer Larsen on Jund Sacrifice
  • Raphael Levy on Azorius Control
  • Kristof Prinz on Four-Color Reclamation
  • Benjamin Weitz on Four-Color Reclamation
  • Allen Wu on Temur Reclamation

It was a double elimination affair and after the Quarterfinals, Weitz, Fernandes, Jacob, and Levy all found themselves without a loss to give. They were soon joined by Wu and Larsen. Prinz and Kumagai met in the finals of the Upper Bracket, with Prinz knocking Kumagai and his Mono-Black Aggro deck to the Lower Bracket. There he faced Jacob and the Mardu Winota deck. Kumagai battled back in three games and found himself in the Grand Finals.

Kumagai’s Mono-Black deck was built to prey on Temur Reclamation. Unfortunately for him, Prinz was on the Four Color variety. The Grand Finals are a best-of-three match affair, with Prinz and Kumagai splitting the first two matches. In the deciding match, they split the first two games. On Saturday there were no giant slayers. Instead, one of the best decks in the format rose to the top in the hands of Kristof Prinz. A deserving champion, Prinz piloted his deck to an undefeated record on Day One a week ago. He dropped one match this Saturday, and it was when he had a match to give. Congratulations Kristof Prinz!

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