Historic Format Gets Roll-out on Arena

Today’s MTG Arena State of the Game dropped information on the November update. While a Friend List, complete with the ability to Direct Challenge, headlined the update the real meat came when discussion a mission and vision for Arena. The update described Arena as a “gateway to Magic” and a place where Wizards could provide a “curated experience”. The platform also provides Magic a place to experiment in the “digital frontier”.

This led into a segment discussing “Remastered Sets”. These releases, slated to come later in 2020, would take old Magic sets and remix them, condensing multiple sets into one release in the vein of Tempest Remastered from Magic Online. These sets would help to support formats beyond Standard and Historic, helping Arena work towards Pioneer – a goal described as a”longer journey”.

Speaking of Historic, a separate article detailed the format’s introduction on Arena. In addition to a Launch Event (November 21st-25th), there will be a Ranked Best-of-Three Historic event available from November 21st until January 15th. There will be a large Historic tournament before the release of Theros: Beyond Death as well as other events and an unranked play queue.

The announcement also detailed how cards would be introduced to the format. Every quarter, a Historic Anthology will come to Arena and be available in the store, or have cards available at a 1:1 ratio from Wildcard crafting. The first Historic Anthology includes:

Historic Anthology 1 will be available after the November Update on November 21st. The second Historic Anthology will be coming in March 2020.

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