X=Dead with Hinata X-Spells! – EDH Showcase

Hinata, Dawn-Crowned has an absurd amount of potential as a commander, and some of the decks built around it are just bonkers. Reducing the cost of spells for each target they have leads you to being able to make some truly disgusting plays – particularly with X-spells that can target multiple things. 

And that’s just what a deck built by LuciMazyth does – it’s a Jeskai list filled with X-spells of all kinds. From burn spells to tap spells to mass-Mind Control spells, assuming this list has its commander out, it’s going to do some truly, truly sickening things. Let’s dive in and learn what this deck is capable of!




Hinata X-Spells by LuciMazyth

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Hinata is one of those commanders that very clearly tells you what to do on the tin: play spells with multiple targets. And this deck plays a huge number of spells that not only can target multiple things, but also tend to get more expensive the more targets you include. In most cases, however, Hinata removes the extra per-target cost, meaning cards like Gridlock become U: tap any number of creatures, while By Force becomes R: destroy any number of artifacts. That is, to put it mildly, absurd

Icy BlastDistorting WakeAurelia's FuryMass Manipulation

And it only gets better from there. Not only is Gridlock joined by other cards like Icy Blast or Glimpse the Sun God to either make your team unblockable or prevent opponents from attacking, there are more forceful forms of interaction available, too. Distorting Wake bounces any number of nonland permanents for just UUU. Aurelia’s Fury deals one damage to any number of targets for just RW. Mass Manipulation requires a downpayment of UUUU and then charges one mana beyond that per creature or planeswalker you want to steal!

Blatant ThieveryMystic Confluence (Timeshifted)Sublime EpiphanyVolcanic Offering

And that’s just the X-spells – there are so many other spells that can target multiple things and therefore get a steep Hinata discount. Blatant Thievery will generally cost four mana. Mystic Confluence and Sublime Epiphany can cost just two. Volcanic Offering – destroying two lands and two creatures – will cost just one!

Whirlwind of ThoughtTalrand, Sky SummonerWillbreakerBattlefield Thaumaturge

The deck also has a support suite filled with creatures and enchantments that benefit from you casting all these instant and sorceries. Archmage Emeritus and Whirlwind of Thought draw cards. Talrand and Deekah make tokens. Willbreaker turns tap spells into cheap Mass Manipulations. And just in case Hinata wasn’t making things cheap enough, there’s Baral, Goblin Electromancer, and even Battlefield Thaumaturge

The only thing I would change about this deck is its land count. I know you only really need four or five mana, but 28 lands really is way too low, even with mana rocks. I’d bring that land count up significantly before playing this deck, but outside of that it looks like an absolute blast to play! If you’ve got a similarly sweet list, don’t hesitate to send it my way via a DM on Twitter


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