Try Gabriel Nassif’s Alchemy UW Control!

The Alchemy Standard format has hit MTG Arena, and deckbuilding is proving to be fun and interesting. Here’s an Alchemy UW Control brew courtesy of Team CFB member Gabriel Nassif.




3 Teferi, Who Slows the Sunset (MID) 245
2 Island (SLD) 64
4 Geistchanneler (Y22) 17
3 Discover the Formula (Y22) 15
3 Unexpected Conversion (Y22) 13
2 Hall of Storm Giants (AFR) 257
4 Forsaken Crossroads (Y22) 63
4 Key to the Archive (Y22) 59
1 The Celestus (MID) 252
3 Doomskar (KHM) 9
1 Glacial Floodplain (KHM) 257
4 Deserted Beach (MID) 260
4 Divide by Zero (STX) 41
4 Hengegate Pathway (KHM) 260
1 Teleportation Circle (AFR) 39
4 Plains (SLD) 63
2 Field of Ruin (MID) 262
2 Emeria's Call (ZNR) 12
4 Fierce Retribution (VOW) 13
2 Jwari Disruption (ZNR) 64
1 Disdainful Stroke (GRN) 37
1 Sea Gate Restoration (ZNR) 76
1 Priest of Ancient Lore (AFR) 35

1 Sunset Revelry (MID) 38
1 Environmental Sciences (STX) 1
1 Mascot Exhibition (STX) 5
1 Teachings of the Archaics (STX) 57
2 Malevolent Hermit (MID) 61
1 Disdainful Stroke (GRN) 37
1 Sunset Revelry (MID) 38
1 Mascot Exhibition (STX) 5
2 Test of Talents (STX) 59
3 Portable Hole (AFR) 33
1 Doomskar (KHM) 9


There are two major themes to mention. 

First is reducing the cost of your spells with Geistchanneler and Discover the Formula. Discover the Formula is a powerful setup and card drawing spell for any game that you can resolve it. So one nice pattern is to use Geistchanneler to reduce the cost of your Formula and curve smoothly into it. 

Alternatively, you can use Divide by Zero’s learn ability to fetch one of your two Mascot Exhibitions before reducing it to a more affordable cost.

The second theme involves Teferi, Who Slows the Sunset and his ability to untap lands and artifacts. With The Celestus and, even better, Key to the Archive, you can generate tons of mana. This makes your expensive spells more accessible, or allows you to make a play on your main phase while also passing with permission mana available.

Key to the Archive is beautiful in this deck. At face value, it ramps you straight to Discover the Formula, Mascot Exhibition or Emeria’s Call on turn five. When paired with Teferi, it nets you four extra mana per turn, and can even generate mana right away if you cast it while Teferi is already on the battlefield. 

Key also allows you to draft a card from its spellbook to put into your hand. Highlights include Approach of the Second Sun and Time Warp. With Teleportation Circle, this can become a very reliable alternative win condition, giving you a never-ending stream of powerful spells before finally winning the game with Approach of the Second Sun. 

Unexpected Conversion is another sweet, Alchemy-specific card. It starts as a Divination, but then adds on the ability to exile a spell in your hand to seek something new. Exiling more copies from your library is thin value, but can have some use for exiling Jwari Disruption in a lategame scenario, or if you have a spell that’s ineffective in a particular matchup. Regardless, starting with a decent card (Divination) and adding several additional abilities is a good recipe for a strong Constructed player. 

Finally, there’s Forsaken Crossroads. This land gives you additional scry value, and also pays you off in games where you’re on the draw. It wouldn’t be a good fit for Aggro (which can rarely ever afford a tapped land) or for decks of three or more colors (which really need dual lands). But in a two-color control deck, it gives you everything you want. The scry smooths your draw, while being able to choose your color ensures you’ll never be unable to cast your spells.

Give Alchemy Azorius Control a try for yourself, or keep an eye out for William Jensen’s gameplay video which will be coming soon. 


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