Standard Goblins in Best-of-One – Deck Highlight

Standard Best-of-One Goblins by Martin Juza



I’ve seen a couple of posts on Twitter from people who made mythic solely by playing Standard Goblins in the Best-of-One queue and I decided to investigate.

This is the version I settled on. I’m not going to tell you that this deck is better than the Adventure decks or Sultai Ultimatum, but if you enjoy playing fast decks in the Best-of-One format to do your daily quests or just enjoy tribal decks in general, then this Goblins deck seemed pretty reasonable to me.


Battle Cry GoblinHobgoblin Bandit LordYou See a Pair of Goblins

The most impressive card was Battle Cry Goblin. Giving everything +1/+0 and haste, including itself, and making an extra creature while attacking is huge, especially when you have ways to pump your team with Hobgoblin Bandit Lord and You See a Pair of Goblins

I found that running a lot of early drops is very important and in the end I was very happy with 12 one-drops.


Frost BiteTorbran, Thane of Red Fell

Frost Bite and Torbran, Thane of Red Fell were fine, but if you want to try something else instead, then they’re definitely replaceable.


Faceless HavenConspicuous Snoop

Good thing about this deck is that it is pretty cheap as far as wild cards go. Faceless Haven, Conspicuous Snoop and Bandit Lord are the only rares you really need and there’s not even a single mythic. 

This deck will be legal in the future Standard 2022 format as well, with the exceptions of Torbran (which isn’t necessary anyway) and Conspicuous Snoop, which I did find very strong, but if there is another creature like Battle Cry Goblin in the upcoming set, I definitely wouldn’t mind making the switch. 


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