Possibility Storm Puzzle – Staggering Possibilities!

Hello ChannelFireball! We’re back with another Double Masters puzzle this week – this time with an Izzet mirror match! Can your spellslinger deck take down the scary monsters across the table and deal 11 damage this turn? Here’s your first hint – remember that rebound exiles!

Find the official solution & hints here.

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2 thoughts on “Possibility Storm Puzzle – Staggering Possibilities!”

  1. Cast Breakthrough with X=1 for U thanks to the Experience counter and keep Staggershock in hand (Mana left: RRUU, Experience: 2)
    Use Disciple to tap a blocker and exile Breakthrough (Mana left: RRU)
    Use Disciple to tap the other blocker and exile Wash Out (Mana left: RU)
    Cast Staggershock for R thanks to 2 XP targeting Hero of the Games to give +1/+0 to the team (Mana left: U, Experience: 3)
    Use Disciple to counter Staggershock. Targeting ability from Hero still triggers but he stays alive and you can now attack in unblocked for 11.

  2. We can’t assume the next four cards in our library are instants or sorceries, so what card would you exile to counter Staggershock?

    Aardvark got most of it right though.
    You have to cast and counter Staggershock before tapping the opponent’s creatures.

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