Painter’s Servant Reemerges in Legacy


Legacy Four-Color Painter by Daniel Heerens



Last Sunday, I was in Malmo to commentate the Modern 10k. When the tournament ended, I stayed around to see the Top 8 of the Legacy event that was going on with 120 players. The deck that caught my attention the most is this Four-Color Painter list by Daniel Heerens.

GrindstonePainter's ServantWishclaw Talisman

We’ve been seeing Painter’s Servant and Grindstone for ages. Today, I see it in a combo shell with Wishclaw Talisman that’s able to get any part of the combo and close the game before the opponent gets to use their Talisman to fetch up answers.

This deck uses both Goblin Engineer and Goblin Welder as well as Emry, Lurker of the Loch to fuel artifact synergies. I particularly love being able to Entomb Bolas’s Citadel with Goblin Engineer and reanimate it immediately with Goblin Welder.

You can also cast the Bolas’s Citadel using Lion’s Eye Diamond with either Wishclaw Talisman or Emry. It’s not an intuitive way to play your Citadel, but it can certainly be a successful one.

Urza’s Saga helps you get your Grindstone but can also win games on its own given the high volume on artifacts that you’re playing, so its Constructs will be very large in this deck.


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