New Sets and Products Announced in Magic Showcase 2021

Wizards of the Coast announced a slew of new sets, Secret Lairs and other Magic products in their Magic Showcase 2021 stream, paving the road for the future of Magic in the coming years. In the midst of all these announcements, by far the biggest was the collection of 2022’s Standard-legal sets, which will encompass some old planes, stories and new locales as well.





First and foremost will be the first return to Kamigawa in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. The set will feature a cyberpunk aesthetic and a new planeswalker named Keito, with the emperor of Kamigawa teased as a returning character.




After Kamigawa, Magic will visit a new plane and setting in Streets of New Capena. The set will be themed around gangsters and crime, with five three-color crime families making up the factions. Additionally, the plane was teased to be important to Elspeth in some way, so expect another return from her.




For Magic’s 30th anniversary, players will once again revisit Dominaria in Dominaria United, with an old enemy potentially returning to the scene.




Finally, Magic’s last set Standard set of 2022 will be The Brothers War, detailing the famous conflict between Urza and Mishra that eventually consumed the plane of Dominaria.



Outside of the new sets, Wizards announced plenty of new in-store play initiatives and supplemental products. First and foremost, new in-store play promotions were detailed. For starters, Store Championships are returning to local game stores, with winners receiving a foil promo Wurmcoil Engine, Top 8 receiving a foil promo Collected Company and all participants receiving a foil Arbor Elf. Additionally, these promos will have each store’s name printed on them.

Alongside Store Championships, Wizards detailed Commander Parties, a new multiplayer and casual-focused store event that they described as an “ongoing story piece” with more metagame elements outside of physical play.

Moving on to the upcoming Innistrad sets, Wizards has a unique “Innistrad Double Feature” draft experience. This will combine both Innistrad: Midnight Hunt and Innistrad: Crimson Vow into a singular draft environment, with some “monster movie-inspired” promos to accompany it.

For digital offerings, Wizards will be expanding Historic Brawl, the 100-card Commander-esque format available on Arena. The format will now be exclusively 100 cards and be a permanent offering. As for competitive play, a first-ever Draft Arena Open will be coming as well.




New supplemental products were showcased as well, with Commander Collection Black following in the footsteps of Commander Collection Green, featuring six iconic black Commander staples. Additionally, Pioneer Challenger decks will be coming on October 15, featuring Azorius Spirits, Orzhov Auras, Mono-Red Burn and Lotus Field Combo.

For new supplemental sets, a second Commander Legends set, named Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate, was announced. Like Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, it’ll be featured in the Dungeons and Dragons universe and the same rulebook frames, although expanded to spells outside of creatures. Etched foil legends will return as well from the previous Commander Legends set. Expect this in the first half of 2022.

With Jumpstart: Historic Horizons only days away for an Arena release, Jumpstart 2022 will be heading to paper as well. While not all the themes were detailed, fans were teased with a “multiheaded creatures” and “Eldrazi” theme, as well as anime-style showcase cards.

For next summer, Double Masters 2022 will be releasing next summer. While not much information was given on it, the set will follow similar draft rules to the original Double Masters and art for Wrenn and Six and Aminatou, the Fateshifter were shown alongside it.



Moving along with a sudden interruption, Mark Rosewater literally teleported in to announce the latest Un-set, Unfinity. Rosewater described it as a “top-down” Un-set, which he described as a “retro science fiction space carnival/amusement park/circus.” As is customary with Un-sets, unique borderless basics will be available, this time dubbed “Space-ic” lands by Rosewater featuring space-themed art. Additionally, space-themed shocklands will be available in the packs as well. This set is slated to drop in Q2 of 2022.


From one universe to another, Universes Beyond, Magic’s brand crossover initiative, was expanded upon, with Warhammer 40,000 and Lord of the Rings featured. Warhammer will be receiving a set of Commander decks with all cards themed around the brand, while Lord of the Rings will be receiving a full booster set, named Tales of Middle Earth, alongside four Commander decks and a Secret Lair of its own. The Lord of the Rings set will be available in paper and all digital platforms, including MTG Arena, and will be Modern-legal but not Standard-legal when it’s released in 2023.

Further crossovers were also announced via Secret Lairs, with both Fortnite and Street Fighter receiving exclusive Secret Lairs. While not too much was revealed, Chun-Li will be making an appearance with an apt multikicker ability.

To top off the event, Wizards announced a Netflix animated series for Magic as well, slated for the back half of 2022. The series will following Gideon Jura and will have an accompanying prequel novel released alongside it following Gideon and Jace’s relationship and their eventual souring.

What was your favorite announcement from the event? Let us know in the comments what you’re hyped for!


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