Modern Ad Nauseam – Deck Highlight


Modern Ad Nauseam by Selami



With Simian Spirit Guide banned, we all assumed that the Modern Ad Nauseam and Angel’s Grace combo deck would be dead, but Selami proved us wrong and Top 8’d the most recent MTGO Modern Challenge with it!


Simian Spirit GuideAd NauseamAngel's Grace

Before the ban, Ad Nauseam used to be a double combo deck. One way was to draw your whole deck with Angel’s Grace and Ad Nauseam, pitching three Simian Spirit Guides to kill your opponent with Lightning Storm, discarding every land you’ve drawn.

The other way to kill the opponent was a three-card combo of:

  1. Having Phyrexian Unlife in play or casting Angel’s Grace to begin the turn with.
  2. Playing Spoils of the Vault or Ad Nauseam to mill your whole deck.
  3. Casting Thassa’s Oracle.

While the first way to kill the opponent is gone since you don’t have access Simian Spirit Guide anymore to kill your opponent the same turn you cast Ad Nauseam with no mana left, the second one is still available.

It’s also still possible to kill the opponent with Ad Nauseam and Angel’s Grace but you have to have two blue mana leftover to kill with Thassa’s Oracle, and you can’t do it anymore instant speed since you need to be in your main phase to cast the Oracle.

It’s possible that Inverter of Truth is the superior combo deck now to win with Thassa’s Oracle, but Selami definitely caught my attention with their Top 8 performance.


Lotus Bloom has always been the pillar of Ad Nauseam Combo in Modern, and with Modern Horizon 2 we got access to Sol Talisman, which is the equivalent of Sol Ring with suspend 3, like Lotus Bloom.

While Black Lotus is a superior card to Sol Ring in a deck like this, I still think this is something to think about when you want to go off on turn four and you’re playing with expensive cards like Ad Nauseam.


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