LSV Drafts Strixhaven

LSV Drafts Strixhaven, whether successfully or not remains to be seen.

Luis starts with a Dramatic Finale, which honestly makes no sense when you say it out loud, but hey, it’s a good card. We’re deep into the Strixhaven format now and when he’s not hanging out with Sue Perkins, Luis at least tries to stay sharp enough to draft a half-decent deck. Will it pan out for the Magic legend who’s almost good enough to make the MPL? Probably not, but it’ll be a fun ride along the way!

It’s kind of a Silverquill deck, so let’s see if Luis is actually a Silverquill. According to WotC’s marketing blurb:

Silverquill students have a reputation for their ruthless cunning and sharp discipline. Together, white and black mana are capable of casting merciless removal spells, playing game-changing boardwipes, pumping up an entire team of creatures and more. These decks play fast and loose with their life totals too. 

Playing fast and loose, yep. Ruthless cunning, sure, we all remember that settle the wreckage. Sharp discipline? Maybe not. I guess he’s close enough. He enough pumps up an entire team of creatures, though they prefer to be called Team CFB Ultimate Guard.

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