Jeskai Mutate is Back in Standard with Jeskai Combo!


Standard Jeskai Runes by cftsoc




The tournaments last weekend have provided us with plenty of new decks to work with in Standard. Naya Runes took down a Championship Qualifier in both Standard and Alchemy! But the most impressive performance all weekend goes to cftsoc and their Jeskai Combo Deck, reminiscent of Jeskai Mutate. They went an astonishing 14-1 in the two-day Crokeyz Tournament on MTGMelee where almost 700 players attended. 

Sejiri Shelter // Sejiri GlacierValorous StanceShow of ConfidenceGoldspan Dragon

I have gotten my hands on this deck already and I can confirm, it is the real deal. You play the usual Izzet spells that we have become all too familiar with. Additionally, you’re splashing white for Sejiri Shelter and Valorous Stance to protect your best card, Goldspan Dragon. The third white card splashed for is Show of Confidence to pump up your Goldspan Dragon for a lethal strike after chaining spells into each other. Alchemist’s Gambit is giving your opponents the dreadful feeling of facing Alrund’s Epiphany back, if you’re into that.

Setting yourself up with an Unexpected Windfall on turn four into Goldspan Dragon on turn five will result in the game abruptly ending on turn six. Surprisingly, this deck does not even play a single card from the newest set. This deck is a ton of fun to play and can win from impossible situations with Goldspan Dragon and Alchemist’s Gambit to steal seemingly hopeless games. Give it a try and see for yourself!


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