Historic Izzet Combo – Deck Highlight


Historic Izzet Combo by Matias Leveratto


Today’s list is a Historic Izzet Combo deck played by Matias Leveratto in this weekend’s Insight Esports 5k Historic Open.

While not sporting the same combo, my teammate, Martin Juza, recently tried out another Indomitable Creativity list, and his video is worth checking out.


Indomitable CreativityThe Locust GodSage of the Falls

This is a combo deck, much like Jeskai Turns, based around Indomitable Creativity. In this deck, the goal is to play Creativity for two to put The Locust God and Sage of the Falls onto the battlefield. The way the combo works is that when the two cards enter the battlefield, Sage of the Falls triggers, and when you draw and discard, the Locust God triggers, making a token, which triggers Sage of the Falls again. You can choose to stop looting and making tokens whenever you want, and then attack with an army of 1/1 hasty flyers, winning the game on the spot.


Magma OpusMizzix's Mastery


The deck also plays a bit like a control deck, with counters, some removal and another combo in the form of Magma Opus plus Mizzix’s Mastery. This list can force the opponent to react by making big Sharks and forcing them to deal with those, and in the right circumstance, can even just win by casting The Locust God.

This is the natural continuation of the Izzet combo decks after the banning of Time Warp. Mattias is a strong player and deck builder, often playing comboish decks, so this would be a good starting point.


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