Go Infinite in Explorer with Elemental Combo!


Explorer Elemental Combo by soos_mtg




This Elemental Combo deck has a ton of different ways to produce infinite mana, gain infinite life, draw your entire deck and attacking for infinite damage! Well, technically you have to choose a number, but 100 million should do. 

A similar combo has been popping off in Alchemy recently thanks to Cabaretti Revels, Racketeer Boss and Inquisitor Captain, but it’s also available in Explorer. I picked a sample list shared by soos_mtg.

Grinning IgnusBirgi, God of Storytelling // Harnfel, Horn of BountyHazoret's Monument

Grinning Ignus is the centerpiece of this deck. For one red mana, you can return it to your hand and get one red and two colorless mana in return. This means that every “loop” makes you lose one mana in the process. Now if you add Birgi, God of Storytelling or Hazoret’s Monument, all of the sudden you can loop Ignus an unlimited amount of times. If you have both, you can loot as many times you want while generating infinite mana in the process. 

Prosperous InnkeeperRisen Reef

If you also have a Prosperous Innkeeper in play, you can now gain infinite life! Add Risen Reef and you can draw your entire deck – just make sure you don’t actually deck yourself since it’s not a “may” ability. 

What to do with infinite mana? Cavalier of Flame is also an Elemental that triggers Risen Reef, which also lets you spend all the mana to pump your team and give everything haste to attack for lethal. 


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