80-Card Cascade? Modern Yorion Rhinos – Deck Highlight


Modern Four Color Yorion Rhinos by d00mwake



The most prolific streamer of Temur Rhinos has decided to adapt to the fashion of the month and add 20 alongside Yorion, Sky Nomad to his deck. First, there was UW Control, which I covered last week, and now it’s Rhinos’ time to innovate. It gets to add an extra 20 cards and a color without losing any consistency since Ardent Plea will raise your cascade spells count to 12.


Crashing FootfallsArdent PleaYorion, Sky NomadOmnath, Locus of Creation

With Yorion, Sky Nomad, this deck can exploit Solitude by casting for free thanks to your companion being a free white pitch. It also has a variety of nice blink targets for the Bird Serpent to get some value with.

Whether this deck is better or worse than the regular 60-card version remains to be seen. The pros are that Omnath, Locus of Creation and Yorion will help you in later turns, grinding out control decks that have dealt with all the Rhinos or resolved a Teferi, Time Raveler. Additionally, you’ll be less likely to draw Crashing Footfalls since the deck count gets raised by 20.

The cons are that Omnath isn’t amazing to draw in the early game, where your goal is to get to three lands safe and start jamming cascade spells. The mana base also gets worse as you’re adding lands like Reflecting Pool and an additional color that might make your deck less solid.

The future will tell, but the potential is here for a new force in Modern.


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