10 Most Valuble Cards in FAB Uprising

Flesh and Blood sets are well known for containing some impressive value, and Uprising is no different. A number of its alt art and foiled-out cards are already fetching impressive prices, so let’s take a moment to look through what the current most valuable pulls are.



Vipox (Rainbow Foil)

Getting a full grip of cards is something that many FAB decks are always aiming for, so a card that actively punishes that feels good. It comes as no surprise then that Vipox is already looking like a  valuable pickup.

Erase Face

Erase Face (Rainbow Foil)

Similarly, class and talent types are very common build-arounds that Erase Face acts as a silver bullet against. This kind of effect will be useful as long as they print these relevant typelines, so this card is likely to maintain its value.


Encase (Rainbow Foil)

Part of a cycle of powerful fusion cards, Encase helps chunk down the opponent while potentially preventing them from fighting back. This kind of solid synergistic piece is perfect for decks that want to slow down the opponent. 

Freezing Point

Freezing Point (Rainbow Foil)

Speaking of frozen synergies, Freezing Point is a serious payoff for freezing down your opponent. Not only does it deal a solid initial burst damage of five, its potential scaling damage for just playing your deck the way you want to is stellar. As a core piece for this strategy, this is a solid asset. 

Insidious Chill

Insidious Chill (Rainbow Foil)

Another icy payoff, Insidious Chill taxes your opponent whenever you fuse. Between Encase and this, you can readily keep your opponent from playing the game while you freeze them to death. 

Rewind (Alternate Art)

Rewind (Alternate Art Rainbow Foil)

Negate effects are already popular, so an alternate art variant of a decent one is already something to keep an eye on. The alternate art version of Rewind, however, is particularly amusing for collectors as its art and text are printed backwards- rewinding. 

Phoenix Form (Extended Art)

Phoenix Form (Extended Art Rainbow Foil)

Any kind of build around is worth consideration as a piece to add to your trade binder, and Phoenix Form is a particularly powerful payoff for Phoenix Flames. The extended art of this card really pops, making it that much more worth of your consideration.

Flamescale Furnace 

Flamescale Furnace (Rainbow Foil)

Yet another powerful payoff card (the set is just full of them!) this time for red decks. This card supports an already-popular strategy and the rainbow foil makes the already imposing art glare from across the table. 

Tiger Stripe Shuko 

Tiger Stripe Shuko (Rainbow Foil)

Unpreventable damage that helps scale up the effectiveness of combat is stellar, so Tiger Stripe Shuko has already earned its place as the second most valuable card in the set. Grab its Rainbow Foil version to bring the blink as well as the beats. 

Blood of the Dracai 

Blood of the Dracai (Rainbow Foil)

Draconic cards are often prohibitively costly to play out, so any card that can help reduce that cost is an instant win. Blood of the Dracai ramps out powerful draconic plays and its rainbow foil version does so while looking as pretty as can be, easily taking the top spot for value.

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