You Should Be Playing MTG Standard!

Standard was once MTG’s most widely-played format. Lately, it’s fallen on hard times. The popularity of Standard is utterly eclipsed by that of Modern and Commander. Frankly, there’s very little interest in Standard outside of play on Magic Arena. 

The death throes of Standard have joined together players, store owners, tournament organizers, and Wizards of the Coast employees in some fascinating discussions. Martin Juza and I have tried to outline both sides of the case. Check out his article here:

I’ll come right out and say that Standard is not personally my favorite format. Still, I’ve had many great experiences playing it over the years. I think the format is just in need of a little love, and I have no trouble championing it this week. Here’s my case for Standard.


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2 thoughts on “You Should Be Playing MTG Standard!”

  1. Great article, I’ve shared it in out little community hoping to inspire some positive change. I hope you don’t mind, and I certainly appreciate your perspective and commitment. Thank you!

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