Which Modern Prowess Deck Should You Be Playing?

Before the release of Modern Horizons 2, Izzet Prowess was one of the most popular and powerful decks in the Modern. It, alongside Green/White Heliod, were the format defining Tier 1 decks for months. For better or worse, Prowess has fallen out of that Tier 1 status into relative obscurity since the release of MH2. There are a lot of factors that lead to this metagame change, but the main two factors were:

  1. The overall power level of the format rose with the release of MH2 and Prowess did not receive as many buffs as other archetypes. It’s no secret that the Modern meta is largely shaped by the power level of MH2 cards, and while Prowess does get access to powerful new red cards like Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer and Dragon’s Rage Channeler, its has to compete with Murktide, Shadow, Rakdos Rock and Jund Saga to be the best DRC/Ragavan Deck. 
  2. Stormwing Entity was once a powerful and resilient threat and one of the main reasons Prowess was such a dominant force in the formant. Entity is immune to Fatal Push, which was a much more popular card back then, and it was usually able to dodge Lightning Bolt with only a single prowess trigger. Unfortunately for Entity, it lines up quite poorly versus Unholy Heat, Solitude and Fury, which are all format-defining cards. So while pre-MH2 it was clear that Izzet Prowess with Stormwing Entity was the best way to build the deck, building a prowess deck post-MH2 has proven to be quite the challenge. 

With these thoughts in mind, over the last couple of weeks and months, Prowess has started to creep back into the meta slowly. There are a few different viable builds with no clear best way to build the deck. In this article, I’ll be discussing the two main variants, the different ways to build them and the strengths and weaknesses of these versions. 


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