The Ultimate Guide to Modern Amulet Titan – Deep Dive

Primeval Titan is a pillar of the Modern format. Having a plan for turn four Primeval Titan is one of the basic tests that every competitive Modern deck needs to pass.

Primeval Titan (Timeshifted)

Although many flavors of Primeval Titan decks have come and gone, Amulet Titan is the one that’s held the strongest. Amulet of Vigor decks have been strong in Modern for almost a decade, even necessitating the banning of Summer Bloom.

This was further helped along by the printing of Urza’s Saga in Modern Horizons 2. Saga helps to find Amulet of Vigor with deadly consistency, and also makes for a solid backup plan in the games where you can’t resolve Primeval Titan

Cultivator Colossus now compliments Primeval Titan as a creature that can be powered out quickly, and with the protection of Cavern of Souls. Resolving either of these titanic, colossal beasts can be leveraged to a win almost immediately. 

Amulet Titan is one of the best decks in Modern if you’re willing to put the work in, and can be a ton of fun once you learn the ins and outs. It’s been a mainstay for years, and having picked up Urza’s Saga, Endurance, Cultivator Colossus and Boseiju, Who Endures makes it better than it’s ever been in the past. 

The Deep Dive I’m bringing you today is only possible due to the help and consultation of my teammates. Special thanks to LSV, whose December Deck Guide helped a lot.



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