The Truth About Rakdos Midrange in MTG Pioneer

There’s a lot of debate about Rakdos Midrange in Pioneer. The deck has its champions and its detractors, with its champions claiming that it’s one of the best decks in the format, citing its flexibility and power level. On the other hand, the detractors claim that the deck is overrated, pointing to some of the deck’s inefficient cards and lack of strong matchups. This has been going back and forth for some time now, and there isn’t any consensus about where Rakdos Midrange fits into the metagame. Befitting a midrange deck, the truth about Rakdos Midrange’s power level is “somewhere in the middle.”



Header - What Even is Midrange?

To understand Rakdos Midrange, you first need to understand midrange in general. A midrange deck sits in between aggro and control. When playing against control decks, you want to attack them and against aggressive decks, you want to be the one slowing them down. This can be a tough line to thread. If you include too many answers to creatures, you’ll have dead cards against control. If you go the other route and play lots of discard and card advantage, you won’t have enough cards that affect the board and you will be weak to aggro.

Siege Rhino

The best midrange decks solve this problem with lots of flexible cards. Take Siege Rhino for example. Against aggro, you get three life and five toughness, which makes it great against burn spells. For control, you get three damage as well as trample to punch through any chump blockers. You can attack or defend, making the Rhino a great card in almost any situation.

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