The Full 42 – New Capenna Draft Walkthrough

While the word on the street is that Brokers decks dominate this Limited format (and the word is correct), I’ve still found drafts in this format to be fun and interesting to navigate, especially when the white, blue and green cards don’t naturally float your way. Today, I want to do a New Capenna Draft walkthrough of the full 42 pick of one of my logs to highlight some draft navigation tips, dive into how format factors affects how I’m drafting and hopefully give you a boost of confidence for your next draft!

For this article, I’d really encourage you to play along at home. We’ll go through each pick of the draft with my pick hidden until you’re ready to see it.




Header - Pack One

Pick 1

My Pick

My pick: Riveteers Requisitioner

This pack has a bunch of cards in it that are pretty close with Backup Agent, Murder, Riveteers Requisitioner and Cormela, Glamour Thief all being respectable choices. Good two-drops are a high priority in a format as fast as this one and both Backup Agent and the Requisitioner fill that role well. Although Murder isn’t as good in this format as it’s been in some past ones, it’s still a card I wouldn’t mind first picking in a weak pack like this one. Cormela is strong but is the card I’d be the most resistant to take since I don’t want to take a three-color card off the bat unless it’s something as good as a Corpse Appraiser or Disciplined Duelist.

I settled on Riveteers Requisitioner in my draft but am not convinced that it’s a better pick than Backup Agent. The Requisitioner is a better card than the Agent but white is much better than red so it’s not a clear choice. My tiebreaker here was that this was at a point in drafting the format where I had a ton of experience drafting the white decks with less experience drafting the red ones and I wanted to expand my range a bit.


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2 thoughts on “The Full 42 – New Capenna Draft Walkthrough”

  1. P3P6 tells the tragedy of this set. Being WB, not considering the Obscura Rare, but instead taking a fine 2drop instead. And after all the correct choice, so pretty sad.

  2. Sean FitzGerald

    I really feel the packs were offering a solid GW deck with blue as a splash, think your early bias to push harder for Red than White ended up taking you down the wrong path. If you review the picks from a Bant perspective I think you have a very solid deck.

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