New Capenna Brew – Standard Bant Superfriends/Tokens

There have been many new exciting Bant cards previewed already from Streets of New Capenna, but the one that caught my eye the most so far is Brokers Ascendancy. Adding extra counters on your creatures and planeswalkers just screams for some Bant Superfriends deck built around planeswalkers, tokens and value, which is exactly what I want to try today. 

Brokers Ascendancy

Cards, effects and interactions I’m looking for:

  • Planeswalkers
  • Token makers
  • Acceleration, ideally in form of creatures that can get buffed by the Ascendancy
  • As many powerful cards with mana value three or less that I can fit into my deck so I have something to find with the new Elspeth Resplendent.




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1 thought on “New Capenna Brew – Standard Bant Superfriends/Tokens”

  1. Thanks for another great read! This deck looks like it will put pressure on the opponent from multiple avenues. I love the idea of Brokers Ascendency into Elspeth. Putting five angel tokens on the battlefield on turn six sounds like fun. I’m excited to see if more cards from the new set will fit in this shell.

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