Most Broken Standard Deck? Standard Jeskai Combo – Deck Guide

This is one of the most broken decks I have played in Standard, ever, and I’m not the person who uses the word broken lightly. May I interest you in taking an extra turn, leading you into winning on the following turn, for the cheap cost of three mana? Do you like drawing your entire deck and attacking for an absurd amount of flying, unblockable damage? Do you miss playing Izzet Turns or Jeskai Mutate? Well, I recommend sticking with me, because here in this article I will show you the way to the best deck in Standard – Jeskai Combo.

Before we dive in, I want to give credit to cftsoc for the initial list that they won a Championship Qualifier with. I highlighted their list here. I spent my time in the Arena dojo the last few days and fine tuned cftsoc’s list into an absolute machine.




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