Modern’s Most Underrated Strategy! Gruul Underworld Breach Combo MTG Deck Guide

Underworld Breach Combo is perhaps the most underrated strategy in the format. The most popular variant of the archetype is a blue and red list splashing white for Teferi, Time Raveler and sideboard cards. If you’re unfamiliar with that list, I highly recommend reading fellow CFB Pro writer Jesse Robkin’s guide to the Jeskai list here.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working on a different variant, a mostly mono-red list with a lower mana curve, a more aggressive plan and green splash for Wrenn and Six. Wrenn is not only one of the most powerful cards in Modern, but has an incredible amount of synergy with the other cards in the breach archetype. 

In this list Wrenn…

  • Is an incredible enabler for Mox Amber. This biggest problem with using Emry, Lurker of the Loch and Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer to enable Mox Amber is that this mana acceleration is dependent on your opponent being unable to answer a 2/1 or 1/2 , a plan that is somewhat flimsy in the face of all of Modern’s premium removal. Conversely, Wrenn being a two-mana four-loyalty planeswalker has made is one of the most obnoxious cards in Modern to deal with via removal spells, which consequently makes it a super reliable enabler for Mox Amber. 
  • Wrenn’s ability to recur Urza’s Saga gives the archetype the ability to outgrind most opposing decks in the late game. While many Jeskai Breach pilots have been choosing to cut Shadowspear from their lists, I find that decks that can recur Saga with Wrenn want Shadowspear to be more in on the Construct beatdown game plan. 
  • While somewhat subtle, the reality is that Breach Combo can be a mana-intensive deck that can require up to five lands in play in order to combo on an empty board. Wrenn allowing you to hit land drops to give you mana for your combo gives the archetype a huge degree of consistency.

With these thoughts, I’ve been incredibly impressed by Wrenn in the archetype and after lots and lots of matches, here’s the 75 I currently recommend. I have liked this list more than the blue versions, as the lower curve makes the deck much faster and is capable of putting a lot of pressure on opponents in the early game. However, this variant is certainly much more vulnerable to graveyard hate, and if Rest in Peace and Endurance are super prominent, then I recommend considering switching to the Jeskai variant or a different deck altogether. 



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