Infinite Combo Brews with Birgi and Grinning Ignus in Standard and Historic

When Birgi, God of Storytelling was first printed, I wrote about her infinite combo potential with Grinning Ignus in Modern, although that didn’t end up being a thing since Modern power level is so high. On the other hand, Wizards just printed Grinning Ignus in Strixhaven, which means that it’s now possible to get an infinite storm count with two cards in Standard and Historic!


Birgi, God of Storytelling // Harnfel, Horn of BountyGrinning IgnusGrapeshot


The combo works as such – with Birgi, God of Storytelling in play, if you cast Grinning Ignus, you get to float a mana, which you can use to return the Ignus to hand and recast it with the three mana you get from it. As a result, you’ll get infinite spells, but you won’t get extra mana. However, you can finally return the Ignus, float three mana and kill your opponent with a lethal Grapeshot.

Conveniently, the Mystical Archives from Strixhaven also gave us plenty of cards with storm, such as Grapeshot and Weather the Storm, and thanks to these, it’s now possible to kill your opponent or get to infinite life with a three-card combo.

Today, I’ll show you three brews that exploit this combo, but use it from different angles.


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