How to Recognize When Your Pet Deck is Bad

Generally speaking, I’d categorize myself more as a tuner than a brewer when it comes to Magic, as I rarely find myself building brand new archetypes to take to tournaments. But every once in a while, I have a truly crazy brew that I do some work on and file away for later to work on because I feel like it really has potential. And while sometimes this works out and I end up brewing a really powerful deck in some format or other, there are also the decks that I come back to, over and over again, and never quite get there on.

This article was originally about some of those decks, and how some of them may become playable, but after I wrote the first version, I just wasn’t satisfied enough with the decks themselves, and one list in particular was a deck I realized was ultimately never going to be good enough. So instead, this article is about my favorite brew in Historic (and potentially any format), and uses it as an example of how to recognize when your pet deck isn’t good and you need to set it aside. This article should hopefully provide a framework on how to make sure your pet decks are playable and worth iterating on, while also providing a quick look at a cool, albeit not very good deck.



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