How to Master Vintage Cube: MTG Deep Dive

Hello, and welcome to a crash course on the best format in Magic – Vintage Cube. The Vintage Cube recently got a big update, and you can read the notes and reasons for the changes here. Today, I’m going to give you an overview of the Cube, the archetypes, the best cards and more. If you haven’t Cubed much, this is the perfect intro, and if you have, this will still help, as the updates have made some significant changes to the Cube experience. Let’s jump in!


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Header - Vintage Cube in a Nutshell

Vintage Cube is the champagne of Magic, where you get to combine all of Magic’s greatest hits with its greatest format (Draft), leading to an incredible drafting and playing experience. Emergent gameplay abounds, with novel situations and interactions coming up every draft. You also get to play whatever kind of Magic you want, whether that’s attacking with Goblin Guide on turn one, using Birds of Paradise to cast Natural Order, or getting up to 14 spells before casting a Brain Freeze. It truly is the pinnacle of Magic, and well worth getting into. The best way to look at Vintage Cube is that it’s in between Draft and Constructed, with the variance of Draft combining with Constructed-level archetypes. You can always end up in-between multiple decks, or with less-focused brews, but synergy is hugely important and the power level of Vintage Cube is through the roof.

When you draft Vintage Cube, the primary thing to keep in mind is what you are drafting towards – what deck you are trying to end up with, what synergies you are trying to foster, and how each card you select leads you down those paths. There is no shortage of powerful cards, so making sure your cards work together is what separates good Cube decks from mediocre to bad ones.


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  1. Loved it! Only real difference in my personal top 25 would be Mind Twist. I’m also high on Force of Will, and think it’s better than Remand.

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