How to Draft RB Arti-Sac in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Limited

As I sit down to write this article, Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty has been live on MTG Arena for a little over eight hours. In that time I’ve done four Traditional Drafts (with an 11-1 record) and one Premier Draft via a coaching session. I wanted to come to you today with as much diverse information as possible after spending one day with the format. Instead, one card kept happening to me:

Oni-Cult Anvil

In my first draft, I got this card sixth and nineth pick. Next draft, I tried to lean into P1P1 Michiko’s Reign of Truth, but an 11th pick Anvil had other plans. If you’ve ever watched me draft the Arena Cube, you know that Red/Black Sacrifice is one of my favorite decks to pilot and, my proclivities aside, I think this deck is very real in NEO and I’ve been having a ton of success with it so far. I know that by writing this piece I’ll be significantly reducing the busted versions of this deck I’ll be able to draft in the coming days, but so be it! Let’s get to the archetype vault for RB Artifact Sacrifice in NEO Limited.




Header - Red Deck Wins

I wasn’t quite sure going into the format which color looked the best to me, but it seemed to me that both red and white had a deep roster of commons. Having played with three red decks so far (all RB to be fair), I’m going to start by saying that red is the best color in the set. Not only does it get two incredibly cheap removal spells in Kami’s Flare and Voltage Surge, but it gets a slew of playable cards that have inherent synergies within red and cross synergies among the other colors as well.

For RB specifically, the signpost uncommon Oni-Cult Anvil tells us everything we need to know: this deck wants lots of artifacts that don’t mind making their way to the graveyard and wants to win through tons of chip damage. Thankfully this color pair has all of that in spades.


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