How Do You Create Value in The Brothers’ War MTG Limited?

When I sat down to brainstorm topics for this week’s article, I went through a number of ideas. The first one I came to was a piece on “hidden gems” of The Brothers’ War, which would have been my usual take on niche cards that have a home and what exactly those homes are (I’m still chasing the high of this surprisingly consistent Door to Nothingness Deck.) 

BRO Draft by Ethan Saks


Another topic I was considering was “how to maximize the wheel” by taking a look at some cards from with high Average-Last-Taken-At stats and how to take advantage of them like Fallaji Archaeologist and Disciples of Gix. Just about every topic I thought of brought me back to the same core principle of how I approach this format, so I figured I’d better just write about that.

I’m talking, of course, about rectangles.


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