Grixis Cycling – The Best Deck in Tinkerer’s Cube

It’s the most wonderful time of year. Again! That’s right, new set season is upon us, and everyone is talking and speculating about Streets of New Capenna in anticipation of getting our hands on the cards this weekend at the pre-release. But I’ll be honest: I’ve got some new set fatigue. Having done a full set review on stream with fellow CFB writer Alex Nikolic and the Crash Course episode of Lords of Limited, there’s not much more I have to surmise about the new format before actually seeing the cards in play. So, I’ve been keeping myself busy with the Tinkerer’s Cube on MTG Arena and absolutely loving it! This is the third iteration of this cube since its inception and I’m here today to outline the best deck that no one else is drafting: Grixis Cycling!




Header - The Game Plan

The elevator pitch for the Tinkerer’s Cube is a “flat powered synergy Cube that focuses more on card interaction than individual power.” Themes like blue/white ETB blink, black/white life gain, and blue/green tokens are seeded throughout the Cube to give you the opportunity to go all-in on one kind of strategy or have multiple pockets of synergy with cards that bleed across different archetypes.

The beauty of this Grixis deck is that there are so many redundant pieces that as long as you get some of the major players for it, you’re bound to find serviceable cards to fit the other roles you need. This deck plays out as a grindy, value-oriented machine. It uses card draw in the form of looting or rummaging to find its combo pieces and most powerful payoffs. There are a ton of decision points with a deck like this as you often have many options of how to use your mana from turn two onward, but that means you often have a path to victory no matter the matchup.


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