Everything You Need to Know About Lord of the Rings Limited MTG: Deep Dive

To give you a leg up in Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth Limited, today I have for you a complete overview of the format. I’ll rank all the colors and color pairs and explain what each archetype is doing to make sure you know what cards and synergies to focus on.

I’m a big fan of this Limited format. It’s a big winner for me flavor-wise, but what I appreciate about it the most is that it feels like good old honest Limited Magic, where decisions, deck building and tight play actually make the difference.

It is a format that is not super hard to grasp because it is relatively low-powered, but there are still a lot of interesting and important synergies to know.

There are bombs just like in any other set – some of them a lot better than others (Horn of Gondor, Witch-king of Angmar), but most of them can be solved with simple removal and very few of them actually feel unbeatable.

Make sure you check out LSV and Reid’s videos and other articles we have on the format.


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