Elves is Making a Big Comeback! Modern MTG Deck Guide

Despite struggling in the face of the hyper efficient removal that currently dominates Modern, tribal decks are starting to make a big comeback in the format with Elves, Goblins and Merfolk all getting powerful new two-mana creatures to bolster up their archetype. Of these new cards, I think the most powerful is the Elf, Leaf-Crowned Visionary, a combination lord and powerful card advantage engine.

Leaf-Crowned Visionary

Beyond just being a good new option for the deck, Leaf-Crowned Visionary allows Elves to be built with a much lower mana curve than older variants, which also makes the archetype more resilient. I would like to note that there’s still some nuance when it comes to building this (or any archetype). I think there are lots of viable and valid directions you can go when building Elves, but this version is the first that I’ve had success with in years and I’m excited to share the ideas behind this 75.

Keep in mind that this is still a strategy that struggles versus Wrenn and Six and Fury (although there’s some interesting tech to fight versus though cards). However, beyond these decks full of red removal spells, I’ve found Elves to be a powerhouse. It’s easily capable of turn three wins, can draw its entire deck while making tons of mana and has lots of interesting and skill-testing decisions to be made. 



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