A New Crazy Legendary Combo is Coming to MOM Standard MTG

The deck I’m going to be talking about today is one that has just started scratching the surface, before we get to access the many goodies in March of the Machine. As recently as last weekend, we saw Four-Color Legendary Midrange make the Top 8 of the Magic Online Challenge. This deck makes use of cards such as Blade of Shared Souls, Ao, the Dawn Sky and Ratadrabik of Urborg. I’m going to dive into the nuts and bolts of this deck, and why it could fully break out in the new Standard format. 

To start, let me present the deck list of PieGonti, who made Top 8 in the Standard Challenge, to provide a jumping off point, and give you an idea of what the deck is doing before March of the Machine.


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1 thought on “A New Crazy Legendary Combo is Coming to MOM Standard MTG”

  1. Mitchell Berven-Stotz

    The deck is very cool, and it features and infinite combo built around looping Legendary and Nonlegendary versions of your creatures between Blade and Radadrabick (with Atsushi providing infinite mana). Just thought that was a part worth mentioning

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