23 Interactions You Need to Know for The Brothers’ War Limited MTG

In The Brothers’ War Limited, there are a lot of sweet combos to assemble, interactions to explore or non-obvious plays to make. This short article highlights 23 that have stood out to me so far, in arbitrary order.


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1. Mightstone’s Animation can target your opponent’s stuff

The main value of Mightstone’s Animation lies in animating an Energy Refractor or one of your own Powerstones. But it can target your opponent’s stuff as well. This could be valuable when you want to shrink a massive prototype creature to a manageable 4/4. It could also come up when you want to unattach an Equipment.

This came up for me when my opponent equipped Swiftfoot Boots to their Platinum Angel. After going through all the remaining cards in my deck and realizing that I only had a single Disenchant remaining as removal, I figured out that I could still win the game if I turned their Swiftfoot Boots into a creature. After all, an Equipment that’s also a creature can’t equip a creature and becomes unattached as a state-based action.

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