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Josh Utter-Leyton

Deck Builder Just by looking at Wrapter’s stats, you can tell he’s a great player. He’s a shoo-in for the Hall of Fame later this year. But what many don’t know is that he’s one of the best deck builders on the Pro Tour, and has been for years. He was the main driver behind many decks that both he and Team CFB members have Top 8’d with over the years, and if I had to play another Pro’s deck in the dark, it’d be Wrapter’s.

Notable Finishes:
2012-13 Player of the Year
5 Pro Tour Top 8s
8 Grand Prix Top 8s
2010 and 2013 U.S. National Champion

Lifetime Pro Points: 372

Team Role: Deck Builder pat cox

Pat Cox

Aggro Specialist As you can see above, my Twitter handle is @wildestnacatl, which pretty well sums up the type of decks I like. All 3 of my Pro Tour Top 8s came while piloting aggro decks. My greatest hope every Pro Tour is that the White Weenie is great, and that Wrapter helps me tune it. While I’m no Martin, I do love Limited, and spend much of my testing time trying to determine the Draft archetypes. I’ll be about 4 Aether Revolt Drafts in by the time this article goes up!

Notable Finishes:
3 Pro Tour Top 8s
6 Grand Prix Top 8s
SCG Invitational Champion

Lifetime Pro Points: 232

Team Role: Aggro Specialist coreyburkhart

Corey Burkhart

Control Specialist Corey is a relative newcomer to the Pro Tour, but he’s a former WoW TCG Pro, so he’s no stranger to competitive play. We also worked together as members of Team UltraPRO, so he’s not even new to this group. Corey’s focus is typically on control decks, even when they are of dubious positioning (see his Modern Grixis deck), but he makes them work. It is difficult to construct a control deck in an unknown metagame, so I advised Corey to shelve his brews last PT, and then two control decks met in the finals. Oops. For PT Aether Revolt, I plan to encourage Corey to brew control to his heart’s content.

Notable Finishes:
5 Grand Prix Top 8s

Lifetime Pro Points: 78

Team Role: Control Specialist martin

Martin Jůza

Limited Specialist You know how there’s a GP practically every weekend now? It didn’t used to be that way, and if you wanted to hit more than a handful every year, you had to be willing to travel all over the world. Martin did that, with great success. (24 Top 8s!) While Martin has had plenty of success in Constructed, he’s a Limited player at heart. This is our first time teaming together in a couple of years, and I can’t wait to discuss the Draft format with him since we like similar archetypes. My favorite Martin quote, referring to others’ propensity for durdle-y decks: “These guys envision all of these things coming together—I just envision when they don’t.”

Notable Finishes:
2 Pro Tour Top 8s
24 Grand Prix Top 8s (4 Wins)
3-Time Czech National Champion

Lifetime Pro Points: 481

Team Role: Limited Specialist Paul-cheon

Paul Cheon

Documentarian You surely know Paul from his popular Twitch stream and Chlogs, but he’s also had his share of success at the highest levels. I’m of course being facetious with his team role—Paul loves control decks, but is willing to work on anything, and will often volunteer to test with teammates online after streaming Magic all day for you guys. Paul is a great player, and certainly due for a Pro Tour Top 8. My only hope is that it comes this year, when the points count for me too!

Notable Finishes:
2010 Team World Champion
2008 U.S. National Champion
9 Grand Prix Top 8s (3 Wins)

Lifetime Pro Points: 211

Team Role: Documentarian nass

Matt Nass

Combo Specialist Speaking of people who are due for a Pro Tour Top 8, Matt Nass got his first just a few months ago at PT Kaladesh! Much like Wrapter, he’s a great deck builder, so I was happy to see him do well with his own creation (Temur Marvel). Matt and Wrapter both live in Denver, so they often brew and test together in person as soon as the spoiler comes out. Matt’s focus is typically on combo decks, and he’s already posted a flurry of them in our forums for this PT.

Notable Finishes:
1 Pro Tour Top 8
7 Grand Prix Top 8s (3 Wins)

Lifetime Pro Points: 191

Team Role: Combo Specialist


Captain Pat Cox’s Amonkhet Masterpiece Preview

March 28, 2017

Today, Team CFB Fire has an Amonkhet Masterpiece preview for you. Fittingly, it is one of the best burn spells ever:


First of all, this just looks awesome. I love how it is distinct from the Kaladesh Masterpieces, and shows the flavor of the new block. I know other teams are also previewing Masterpieces today, and I can’t wait to see which other cards got this treatment.

For those of you who have never played Chain Lightning, the “chain” part doesn’t come up all that often, it is mostly just Lightning Bolts 5-8, but that’s enough to make it a great card. Chain Lightning is, of course, a 4-of in Legacy Burn, but also sees play in decks like UR Delver and Zoo. I actually won a SCG Invitational with Zoo by burning Jim Davis out in game 3 of the finals with two Chain Lightnings!

-Pat Cox

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